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PHOTOGRAPHY & VIDEO PRODUCTION   serving the South Florida area

Mark Dean Photography is a leading provider of video production services, offering high quality videos and photography solutions in a wide variety of fields. We are South Florida Real Estate photographers who have extensive experience with drone aerial photography and videography, interior/exterior photography, real estate video, video marketing, video seo, & brand marketing throughout the South Florida area.

Galt Mile Aerial Drone Beach Photography

- HD 4K Aerial Drone Photography

- FAA Certified Commercial Drone Pilots

- Blue Sky Guarantee
- Shot with gyro-stabilized cameras

Miami Real Estate Drone Video

- HDR Digital Photography
- Edited in Photoshop

- Blue Sky Guarantee
- Shot with high-end cameras and tripods

- HD 4K Interior & Aerial Video
- Property Video Tours - Interior & Aerial
- Drone Aerial Video showcasing your area
- Shot with high-end cameras and sliders

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