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How the Drone Industry Changes in '17?

Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Galaxy Media Co., Charles Markman, was recently interviewed by one of the top technology blogs on the Internet, Future of Everything, to discuss how he believed the Drone Industry would change in 2017.

Charles Markman, Co-Founder of Galaxy Media Co.

Charles was quoted as saying:

“Due to the establishment of Part 107 by the FAA, the drone aerial services industry will be much more competitive because the low financial barrier to entry now combined with a low regulatory barrier to entry will allow for any entrepreneur with a few hundred dollars to his name the ability to start his/her own business. (2) The drone industry will begin to be defined by the software of each drone manufacturer, not just the hardware. Pilots will establish brand loyalty based on the software they are comfortable with and the features they like. Smartphone users have had to choose Apple, Google, or Microsoft, now drone pilots will have to choose DJI, Parrot, or GoPro. While early adopters have shown no brand loyalty, manufacturers will force loyalty as the companies produce more products compatible only with their own products and their own software.”

Be sure to check out the full article on the Future of Everything website located here.


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